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The 13th Fret Classifieds

Classifieds are cleaned up as of 8/05/2010 - They are now being maintained regularly

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Welcome to The 13th Fret Classifieds. Got something you want to sell? Looking to buy? This is the place!

Dealers, shop owners, suppliers and luthiers may place one ad at a time in each category of the classifieds. No blow-out sales or running inventory ads. The ad must refer to a specific item that you have in stock.

Private parties who do not sell guitars for a living may place as many ads as they wish.

Due to the extremely large amounts of spam and other non-related ads we have been receiving here, the Classifieds section will be cleared every two months. Though we will try to filter out as much as possible.   Feel free to re-post your ad as often as you like.

Instructions for Using the Classifieds

Submitting Your Classified Ad
To submit your classified ad, fill out the form below completely and select "Post a New Ad". If the form is not filled out completely, your ad will not be added to the system. When done, select "Enter" located at the bottom of the page.

Please create your ad carefully. Email me at if you made a mistake and I can fix it for you.

Viewing Classified Ads
To view classified ads, simply select "View Ads" below. Then, using the table of departments available, select the department you wish to view. Then, select "Enter" at the bottom of the page.

Removing Classified Ads
Select "Delete Ad No.:" from the functions below. Enter the ad number and the password that you used when you placed the ad. Click the "Enter" button and your ad will be deleted.

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