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Here are some links that I thought you might find interesting. If you have any that you'd like to see me add, please email me. My email address is "eric@13thfret.com" at this website.

Alaska Specialty Woods - www.AlaskaWoods.com

Ask for Brent Cole Sr.

Celtic Guitar Talk
My friend Cams Campbell owns this excellent Celtic Guitar resource.
Guitar Man Acoustic Guitar Care and Playing Tips
Graceworks Music
Ken Totushek's music resource website.
Free Guitar Player Community Online
Playing tips, guitar tuning, music and discussion website for beginner to professional
Harp Depot - Everything Hohner makes can be purchased here. Be careful surfing here though - banjos and accordions on the same site might get a tad loud! Click for Harp Depot
Harmonicas And Stuff - No guitars but lots of cool stuff that goes with guitars. Click here to check out their stuff!
Guitar Nation A virtual guitar festival and Gallery. This site offers a look at many of the guitars built around the world. Lot's of stuff you don't normally see can be found here.
Acoustic Guitar Workshop Home of fingerstyle guitar tuition. Here is a site full of resources for the fingerstyle players out there.
Nolan Bruce Allen's Lone Star Band New York's King of Western Swing.
Second String Project is dedicated to providing guitar strings to players in third-world countries who can't get them. You can donate sets, new or used. Check it out here.
Svea Norton's musicalwomen.com - a showcase for women and acoustic music. Svea is a very talented guitarist/singer/songwriter who displays her talent on her website. Check it out - you will be delighted!
A guitar camp for women - From Women's Hearts and Hands. Excellent, caring music instruction for women by women in a beautiful, supportive environment!
The Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum. Steve Stallings has a fine discussion forum dedicated to the Martin guitar and it's fans. It's a great place to learn and talk about Martin guitars. Check it out here.
Steve Carr's Bluegrass Guitar Site "The Bluegrass Guitar Home Page was developed to be a convenient source of information about the acoustic flat-top guitar and the playing styles used in bluegrass music."
Flatpicking Tab Database Flatpicking Tabs - A whole bunch of flatpicking tabs and mp3's.
BluegrassWorks www.bluegrassworks.com - Another bluegrass-related site for your enjoyment.
The TDPRI - Telecaster Discussion Page Re-Issued. This is THE place on the internet to discuss this classic electric guitar. Lot's of amp techs hang out here too.
Cathy Horner, whose fingerstyle playing is quite extraordinary, has graciously offered her CD to us at a special price of $12 (US) check or money order. You can get it directly from her by following this link.
Steve Dennison and his band Pacific Crest have a cd of Bluegrass music called Poppin' Johnny. If you like traditional bluegrass, you'll love this cd. These guys are very talented indeed. Steve has offered it to "Fretters" for $13 and he'll pay the shipping. Contact him via email here.
Kathy Matsushita is considered to be perhaps the world's most famous amateur luthier. She does a fine job of building and her site is very well laid out. Visit it here.
Air Travel and Your Guitar Here is a great article by Pat Kirtley. He travels extensively with his guitar and these are his observations from past experience. Read all about it here.

Builders and repairmen - Here is another very comprehensive builder/repairer list compiled by Ron Long. See it here.

The Museum of Musical Instruments (MOMI). This is a tremendous place to view pictures of fine old guitars. Very highly recommended. Thanks to Allen St. John for the heads-up on this one. MOMI
Misread Lyrics - kissthisguy.com A huge archive of lyrics that we've all heard and wondered about. kissthisguy.com has them all. Some are quite hilarious!
GraphicGuitars.com A website showcasing the guitar art of Paul Chase. Don't miss this if you are an art lover! GraphicGuitars.com.
My Father's Workshop Guitar Furniture by Gary Smith Like the name says - furniture for your guitars. Check it out here.
One of our AOTM's featured a while back has a great website. Check out Kevin Kastning. Great music and some great photography as well.
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